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AuCom Electronics CSXi Soft Starter



CSXi compact soft starters are a comprehensive motor starting and protection solution. These compact, reliable starters provide the latest constant current start technology and robust TVR soft stop, to reduce electrical and mechanical stress on your motor. The CSXi also incorporates essential motor protection functions to safeguard your motor during operation.

The CSXi soft starter's small size and integrated bypass relays make installation easy, and allow the soft starter to fit in compact enclosures with limited ventilation. Rotary switches simplify configuration, and remote display and communication options allow trouble-free integration into common control networks.


The CSXi soft starter is available ex stock in New Zealand for same day dispatch from the New Zealand office of Advanced Motor Control Ltd.



CSXi Family

Model Normal Duty Heavy Duty
CSXi-007 18 A 17 A
CSXi-015 34 A 30 A
CSXi-018 42 A 36 A
CSXi-022 48 A 40 A
CSXi-030 60 A 49 A
CSXi-037 75 A 65 A
CSXi-045 85 A 73 A
CSXi-055 100 A 96 A
CSXi-075 140 A 120 A
CSXi-090 170 A 142 A
CSXi-110 200 A 165 A





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